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Featuring Kevin O'Leary From Shark Tank

A step by step workshop on how to build a dropservice business that earns $100k /year to $100k /month to $100k /day by selling digital services online using automation and outsourcing.

Learn step by step how to build a six figure dropservice business by using automation.
1. Strategy: Learn about the dropservice model
2. Automation: Disconnect time from money
3. Opportunity: Capitalize on the golden era
4. Leverage: Outsource fulfillment to scale quickly
"The dropservice model really changed my way of thinking and helped me grow my service business to $100K per month this year."

John Durrett

Infinity & Beyond Inc.
"Evermentor's step by step training was the first step I took towards growing my 6 figure dropservice business."

Kathlyn Chuu

Rocket Service Co.
"I just passed $20k per month using the dropservice strategy. No better place to learn it from than Evermentor. Thank you for your help."

Matt Anderson

Blue Digital Inc.
"No fake guru or "get rich quick" bs. Evermentor is for people looking to build real and sustainable online businesses."

Liam Karlsson

Moonwisee Productions

Presented By:

Kevin O'Leary From Shark Tank

Matthew Stewart - 7 Figure Dropservice Business Owner

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